The second chapter of my book Evolution Myths: A Critical View of neo-Darwinism, is Myth 2: Natural Selection is the Primary Cause of Macro Evolution. In that chapter, I talk about mass extinctions and dinosaurs. Darwin's theory of evolution was greatly influenced by the famous geologist, Sir Charles Lyell. Lyell (1797-1875) proposed a theory of Uniformitarianism. This theory argued that geological change on Earth has been slow, for millions of years. Prior to Lyell, geology was dominated by the idea of Catastrophism, which was advanced by the French Geologist Georges Cuvier (1769-1832). Catastrophism argues that the Earth has been changed over millions of years by floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, ice sheets across continents and other cataclysmic natural events. The volcanic explosion of the island of Krakatoa, a volcanic island between Sumatra and Java, in August of 1883, is an example of a worldwide catastrophe. Ash from the explosion circled the world and observations were made in Europe; people noted the appearance of beautiful colors in the sky in the morning and the evening (Schroder, 1999). The explosion of the volcano, on the island of Krakatoa, reduced the land mass of the island from 18 square miles to 6 square miles. The volcano caused a tremendous tsunami that resulted in the drowning deaths of 34,000 people living on the shorelines of Java and Sumatra ("Krakatoa," 2001). Which leads us back to DINOSAURS. The first dinosaur bones were studied and made public in 1842, by Sir Richard Owen. Dinosaur means "terrible lizard." What has puzzled geologists is that dinosaurs appeared about 230 million years ago and then suddenly disappeared about 65 million years ago. Prior to 1980, the explanation was that there were slow and natural changes in the climate that ultimately led to the demise of the dinosaurs.

In 1980, Luis Alvarez was a physicist and he assembled a team of researchers that included: geologist Walter Alvarez, and two staff scientists in the Energy and Environmental Division of Lawrence Berkely Laboratory; Frank Asaro and Helen Michel. What they found shocked the world and rewrote the geology textbooks! This team of scientists found evidence of a worldwide catastrophe, an asteroid that hit the earth about 65 million years ago, precisely the time the geological record said the dinosaurs vanished from the Earth! In my book, I go into much more detail about the article by Alvarez, and other cataclysms that have been verified in the history of the Earth. Today, one can become a geologist and study impact craters. Prior to 1980 and the research of Alvarezet al. (1980), the study of impact craters, and asteroids causing mass extinction on Earth, was not even discussed on the college campus!


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