Evolution - A Metatheory

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

People ask me, why would someone who has a Ph.D. in Communication, be interested in criticizing the theory of evolution? The reason is that evolution, as it is taught today in grades K-12 and at the university level, is no longer a biological theory. I talk about this in my book: Evolution Myths: A Critical View of Neo-Darwinism.

Evolution has become a meta-theory, or a theory of theories.

Evolution can be found almost everywhere in academic circles: natural sciences, social sciences and philosophy. Committed Darwinists even try to explain human communication and language in terms of evolutionary theory. At this point they have received my attention, because nothing can be farther from the truth.

Evolution cannot explain human language, verbal or non-verbal human communication, or semiotics. The advent of human communication was never observed by a single Darwinist! It is not possible to go back in time to run an experiment, or observe the first words that were spoken by humans! The only evidence that Darwinists have regarding human language and inter-personal communication is narrative and stories that they create - in order to try to weave together an explanation. If a Darwinist tells a compelling story about how humans spoke their first words to each other, non-critical thinkers accept the story, without challenging it! Evolution claims to explain all life on earth from a natural unguided (chance) perspective. Therefore, those who support evolution are committed to materialism - the philosophy that all existence is material in nature. In other words, there is no spirit, there is no soul, and the study of religion, or metaphysics is not allowed. For the committed Darwinist, God is an illusion.

This is problematic because evolution, a theory which began in biology, has now become a theory of everything.

As a communications scholar, I am throwing the penalty flag on the field! Evolution cannot explain language and it clearly cannot explain the existence of the human mind. Scientists cannot even agree what the mind is, how to define it, or how to study it!


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